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College Rules and Regulations
Every student joining of Sri Venkateswara college of Education is required to comply with the following rules and regulations as well as the directions given by the Principal and the Assistant Professor from time to time.
  • Candidates should have passed U.G. degree examination with 10+2+3 stream, with the same main subject in part III, for which he/she is seeking admission to the B.Ed., Course.
  • Candidates who have taken more than one main subject in Part III (Double or Triple major) of the U.G. degree have to choose only one of the main subject and apply for that optional in B.Ed.,
  • Candidates who have done their U.G. degree in Applied Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry or Applied Physics can apply for Physical science as optional respectively in B.Ed., those who have done Environmental Science and Microbiology can apply for Biological science as optional in B.Ed.,
  • In the case of candidates belonging to SC and ST communities, a pass in the relevant UG degree course is enough (or) eligible.
  • No Age Limit
  • Every student should be in the College campus at 9.15 a.m Late comers will be viewed seriously by the authority.
  • Morning worship and Assembly will be conducted from 9.30 a.m to 9.45 a.m everyday by the students.
  • All students have to be in the uniforms on all the working days except on days when specific exemption is granted.
  • Students are required to be regular and punctual in their classes.
  • The use of mobiles by the students is strictly prohibited in the campus. Mobiles found in the custody of students in the campus, whether in use or not, will be confiscated.
  • "Cleanliness is next to godliness." Don’t throw litter about. Sakthi is vowed to keep its campus pollution free and eco friendly.
  • "A thing of beauty is joy forever" Students should take special care to keep their Classrooms, Library, Labs, Toilets etc. neat and tidy. Any damage done will be recovered from the entire body of the students.
  • Students should always keep their college identity cards with them wherever they are in the campus.
  • Whenever students attend a meeting in the college Auditorium special care should be taken to maintain a proper sense of decorum. Strict silence should be maintained and never walk out of the auditorium while somebody speaks on the dais. Leave the auditorium only after the programme is over. Howling or whistling inside the auditorium shall be reprimanded.
  • Students who are found using drugs, smoking or found in a drunken state in the college premises will be summarily dismissed from the college.
  • Server disciplinary action will be taken against those who in any way disturb the atmosphere and tone of the college. The students observe the dictum To learn obeying is the fundamental art of governing
Equity is ensured at the time of admission by considering disadvantaged, financially oppressed, educationally backward, differently able students and students with outstanding records in sports and games. The management extends support to the needy students from the Trust funds.

After admission the institution adopts methods for assessing students, knowledge, needs and skills before the commencement of the program through marks secured by the candidates, and personal interview.

The eligible candidates are admitted on merit basis. The ranking list is displayed on the notice board of the admission department, and registration is made accordingly.

8 November 2013
NAAC peer team visit - 8, 9 November 2013
8 November 2013
NAAC peer team visit - 8, 9 November 2013
Principal Message
Equality of Educational opportunity has brought in, to wake the change in the nature of the students economic, intellectual and cultural levels. College is a social Institution which should present ideal form of community it represents. For every student we record the qualities of general knowledge, acquiring knowledge, practical capability, social and citizen activities, expression, service motive, co-operation, health progress, trusts of personality, character firmness, leadership, industriousness, self confidence, self control, sociability and presence of mind.
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